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About Us

Hey Jassy Budgets Fam!

Thank you for taking time out of your day to get to know me a little more. My name is Jasmine and I am the owner of Jassy Budgets.

I began my budgeting journey in December of 2022. I was always... mediocre, for lack of a better word with my money management. Never getting into serious debt but also never too great at saving money! I was looking for better ways to save so I can take trips with my 2 kids and not feel like I breaking the bank. That's when I came across the cash wallet system and cash savings challenges! These methods honestly changed my life. I realized with the right amount of discipline, anything can be possible! And boy did I learn how to have discipline.

Coming from a single parent, paycheck to paycheck household, I was never taught to save money. So when I got a few bucks, a few bucks went! The biggest wake up call was when I became homeless after having my daughter! Not knowing how to make ends meet was the lowest and scariest part of my life. But I learned how to put away a few dollars for diapers, clothes, shoes... pretty much anything I thought my daughter would need. That mindset helped me lift myself from a dark place and pushed me to make it for her! That fear of not having any place to go has taught me the discipline I needed to make the  whole savings system work. Now, it all feels so simple and I want to help everyone find some kind of financial stability and FREEDOM. Whether it's getting out of serious debt, or just saving for a cruise, my fun and simple savings challenges can help you do anything you set your mind to!